Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A surprise!

This morning, I came online and had a very nice surprise. Handmadeology published my profile and a very nice mosaic of some of my work on their site: http://www.handmadeology.com/my-etsy-story-beatrizfortes

Handmadeology is a great blog for artisans and Etsy sellers. They have great articles explaining the intricacies of photographing your work, SEO, marketing and all other aspects of online selling, as well as artist profiles, tips and trends. Check it out!

This was really nice for me since I am terrible at marketing myself. I don't like to push myself or my work out and I end up very apologetic while doing it - which, of course, shows. Since I know that marketing is a big part of being successful online, I have been working hard at it. This is a very nice return on my effort.

1 comment:

  1. Yay ~ Good for you, I love Handmadeology. I've applied tons of their suggestions, now let's see how they work! ;)