Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting this blog

My friends urged me to start a blog. "But why? I have nothing to say". After the laughter calmed down and eyes stopped rolling, I was informed I had never heard myself talk about my metalsmithing, my books, my passion for history or any other of my interests.

But now I am sitting in front of the screen just wondering what to write. Yes, this blog started out with a serious case of writer's block. Specially since I want to impress all my (potential) readers with my wit and wisdom. I thought I would start out by presenting myself, my life and my work but I find I have nothing to say. I would rather show my thoughts slowly, so you can form your own impressions, instead of listing my self perceived attributes.

Having said that, welcome to my blog. I hope to share a little of myself with you and that you will find it interesting. I hope this is the beginning of a good relationship between us all.


  1. Morning! Like your blog! Glad you joined the dark side... heh.
    I'm follower #2 - YAY

  2. Oh oh! this means I have to write something in my blog soon!!! Beatriz, you can tell us all about where you live and include pictures!!

  3. Oh yes, you do young lady! Get to work!

    And then we can set up twitter accounts and come out of the Dark Ages.

  4. Great blog I enjoyed reading it.