Thursday, February 17, 2011

My design process

I envy the people who have sketch books filled with drawings, doodles and inspiration pictures or objects. I love looking through them, seeing the evolution of a design and of the artist's aesthetic. I am sure it is a very helpful tool. But I can't do them.

Oh, I have tried. I have several scattered around the house, with half a dozen pieces sketched. But I can't keep one up. It is just not the way my mind works or that I design.
Right now, I am figuring out a variation on this design

I tend to think over a piece for days or weeks, tweeking it in my mind, moving it around, figuring out how to fabricate it and how to finish it. By the time I sit down, I have everything sorted out in my mind. If I try to this process with pencil and paper, it doesn't flow.

Perhaps it would work if I could actually draw anything decently.

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