Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How we start creating

This morning, a fellow team member from Handmadeology shared how he started his line of Vintage Space Toy Art for his son's nursery. What a great concept for a nursery, by the way. It is a heart warming post and you should read it here. And he is having a 25% off sale as well in his shop.

Toy Robot poster by John Golden

I was also recently writing about how I started my art, so I will follow John's lead and repost my own story here (sorry for those who have already read it elsewhere).

I always loved jewelry. As a kid, I would drag my mother to see all the pretty pieces – no matter if it was a high end fine jewelry store or a handmade piece in a craft show. No mass produced, cheap costume jewelry, though – I was quite the young snob!
I also loved stones. Smooth cabs with interesting patterns, gemmy sugarloaves or faceted stones – all are beautiful to me.
One day it hit me. Why didn’t I make jewelry myself? It seems so obvious, but it was quite a revelation. I found a teacher, took classes and learned to saw, anneal, forge and solder. Then I learned more on my own. And I found some workshops. And so I learned my craft.

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