Thursday, February 16, 2012

Healing Broken Hearts

Recently, someone very sweet mentioned how she had noticed several broken or beaten hearts in my work, but never a whole or a healed heart. She said she was sorry I was so sad and hoped things would improve. I was very touched, but I have to tell the whole story about the hearts.

The broken hearts were, indeed, designed at a very difficult time for me and they reflect that. I think that is why those designs are so effective. However, that time is (mostly) behind me. I have healed, grown and learned a lot in the process. Yet, the symbolism of the whole or healed heart hasn't shown up in my work.

The answer is simple. When I was hurting, I was focused on the hurt and pain. As I healed, however, I was looking out to good things. I wasn't thinking about healing, it was happening as I was busy doing other things. Those things are in my jewelry as well - flowers, paintings, pets, etc. Perhaps they don't scream "healing" but they are things that helped me.