Friday, February 22, 2013

Big News!

The 2013 GBK Oscar Gift Lounge starts today and my Moonlight Sonata pendant will be on display.

I love how this pendant captures the light of the moon shimmering over the water.

And the lucky celebrities invited to the gift lounge will also receive this lovely sterling silver bracelet:

It has been a huge undertaking for me, as an artisan working alone on my pieces. The required 100 bracelets translates into close to 20 meters of handwoven chain. That is a lot of chain! To give you an idea, about a third of the way through, I draped myself with all the chain I had so far:

That is "only" around 6 meters of chain. I admit I love the look and I will, someday, make myself a necklace like that. After I get a brief rest, of course.

You can read all about the gift lounge here:

Both piece are also available for sale on my site: and

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