Monday, April 2, 2012

Seasons are turning

The summer days are fading away. While I welcome the cooler days, I find myself missing the long days. It is getting dark too early for my taste.

While I enjoy a cool breeze, many of my online friends are talking about spring planting, flowers and the end of winter. It is a curious thing, living two different seasons at the same time, one here and another, vicariously, through the internet.

Living in a tropical country, seasons are not very clearly marked. While the temperature does vary from very hot in summer to reasonably cool (around 12 or 15C) in winter and the humidity goes from too much to too dry, there aren’t clear signs of each season. If I took pictures from my window throughout the year, it would be hard to tell the season.

I would love to live in a more temperate climate again, where each season is very clear and can be easily characterized. It adds a different rhythm to life. I find it hard to be inspired by seasons, when they are so indistinct locally.

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