Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Freedom isn't something to be taken for granted. We have to fight for it and to maintain it. Too often, the easiest "solution" to a situation is to let go of rights, increase control and tighten "security" on everyone.

I take intellectual property and rights very seriously. I depend on it, on one hand, and I want other people who also depend on it to continue creating beautiful, disturbing, intriguing ideas. Even those annoying, low, cheap ideas that all of us complain about (but often direct at different targets) deserve to be protect. However, the way to do this is not to stifle the exchange of ideas and information.

Yes, let's stop online piracy.

No, let's not do it by constraining the flow of thought through out the world.

Piracy is a huge problem and needs to be fought. But it needs to be fought in a different way. Let us all demand a new solution and let us all be clear that freedom is something we value.


  1. Definitely agree with you Beatriz. The most important thing is making people aware of what's happening. Most of us lead very busy, full lives and don't have the time or the inclination to study every act before Congress. We need a way to keep up with things (like your post), so thanks for sharing. PIPA goes before the Senate on the 24th... fingers crossed that they listen to the people they're supposed to be representing. ;)